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A Normal Life

You’re born. You get no drugs and no vaccinations. During childhood you have the usual illnesses, but conservative treatment gets you through them without antibiotics or drugs, and you build your natural immune defenses. You don’t eat white sugar, white flour, hydrogenated oils, too much processed/grain-fed meat or cheese, or drink soft drinks or pasteurized milk. You concentrate on fruits, vegetables, organic when possible, wild caught/grass-fed eggs and meats, nuts, seeds, maybe even occasional raw/unpasteurized diary and a moderate consumption of whole grains (those that don't resemble GMO wheat, corn or soy)...a clean, natural diet, with an occasional "treat" is your focus. You never learn to smoke cigarettes or use tobacco products. The only pills you take are natural antioxidants/supplements (enzymes and minerals), which are part of your daily intake. You drink at least 1 – 2 liters of water every day. You are aware of chemical and environmental stressors/toxins found in many personal hygiene and household products and consciously try to avoid as many as possible. You never, or rarely, use a microwave. You rarely order from and drive through a drive-through.

Into adulthood, you never get sick: no colds, no flu, no headaches, no diabetes, no ADD, no “thyroid problems,” no panic attacks, fatigue, or digestive disorders, no high blood pressure. The only pains you experience come from accidental injuries or repetitive physical stress/overuse. You do consistent, moderate exercise or sports activity to maintain mobility and general fitness. You tend to spiritual matters and continually try to grow and push yourself to better serve and show love to others. You look to the care of your spine. You stay well adjusted and keep your nervous system optimized because you understand your nervous system is the vehicle the body uses to send all the innate energy and electrical messages to every inborn function, cell and tissue in your being. Your entire adulthood is spent in this disease-free mode. As you age, your mind gets sharper, your body gets stronger, your immune system tougher. You experience no arthritis, cancer, or osteoporosis, no Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. Finally one day after 90 or 100 years, you flicker like a candle and go out.

The above paragraphs may be useful in choosing a doctor. Some doctors will say all this is impossible; which for them is true. So don’t choose them if you want something "alternative." It will take choosing something different from the current norms here in the U.S. To buck the trends of heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and dementia it will take "different."  All this is possible; moreover, thousands and thousands of people are living it. So listen only to those who can help you achieve such a condition of living health. Because now we’ve arrived at the threshold of a time when good health and a powerful immune system are not only advisable; they are the very determinants of survival and requirements to live a full life abundant of quantity and quality. Which disease do you want to prevent? Live a lifestyle that will allow you to do so.

"The true physician will be a teacher; his work will be to keep people well, instead of attempting to make them well after sickness and disease comes on; and still beyond this there will come a time when each will be his own physician....the true teacher will never stand as the interpreter of truth for another. The true teacher is the one whose endeavor is to bring the one he teaches to a true knowledge of himself and hence of his own interior powers (divinely and intelligently created with purpose), that he may become his own interpreter." -Ralph Waldo Trine from 'In Tune With The Infinite', 1899.

*source: modified work of Dr. Tim O'Shea

Yours in Health,


Dr. David R. Mason, D.C.

Be Fit. Eat Right. Think Well. Get adjusted.



1 Corinthians 6:19-20
Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

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  • "I was experiencing a stiff neck and painful low back with limited ranges of motion. My results were much improved range of motion and low back pain was eliminated. After adjustments and a couple of massages, I played my best round of golf of the year - pain free!"
    Chris R. / Franklin, TN

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