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Nutritional Help Has Arrived!

Nutritional Help Has Arrived!

If you have been a patient of mine for any length of time, you already know how much I value a healthy diet and lifestyle. You also have probably noticed that my main focus is detecting and correcting spinal subluxations. That will never change. I talk and blog/email about many different topics that fall under the umbrella of "health and wellness" -and many of those are about the importance of a good diet. I think it's time we add someone that can devote the appropriate time and energy to help you or anyone struggling with nutrition.

The food we eat fuels the trillions of cells that control our heart beat, our oxygen intake, our digestive tract, and every other complex process of our body. What exactly can we do to make sure our body's life supply is running on high? We must maximize the quality of the nutrients we consume!

"Fuel Your Body the Right Way"
This has always been a common theme or phrase used here at Mason Chiropractic. Unfortunately, most Americans run their bodies on convenient, processed, and chemical laden foods. Due to the fast paced world we live in, many consumers feel it is easier to visit their local McDonalds or Burger King than to shop and cook. The bad news is that it comes at a price. Our bodies were not created to run off of French fries and Krispy Kreme donuts, and this new diet of convenience is posing a serious threat to healthy cell life.

Essentially, we are what we ingest, and the sugary colas, coffee drinks, and artificial "juices" are causing just as much distress on our bodies as the fast food down the street. Dousing your organs and cells with these beverages and other processed foods does not allow them to properly function and attain optimal performance. If a fish cannot survive in a bowl filled with those types of beverages, what makes you think your cells can?

So, to take things beyond emails/blogs and conversations during your adjustments, we have decided to take things to the next level and put things to action.

Nutritional Help Has Arrived!...Lisa, Our New Wellness Advocate, is here to Help!
We are excited to announce the addition of a new team member to the practice that can help you transition to eating better and teach you how to fuel your body with high-octane...
Meet Lisa Barron:

Lisa Barron is joining our team as a Wellness Advocate. She will be offering a variety of services which include one-on-one healthy eating plans, nutrition tips, recipe/pantry makeovers, grocery store tours and more. Her passion is to teach and equip others with healthy habits that are realistic and fun!

Lisa lives and teaches with a passion to equip others with down-to-earth, simple and affordable ways to incorporate healthy eating and shopping habits. Consultations are FREE! And don't let long distances discourage you...Lisa is willing to work with you via Skype, Facetime, email, etc.

Lisa will be in the office on occasion to personally meet and interact with our patients -just this week she did a "Mason Jar Makeover" to recreate the love for Reese's to a healthier version (Justin's brand almond butter with dark chocolate chips) that proved how "good" healthier can taste and how easy it can be...

Lisa says, "It isn't always about eliminating something from our diet. It is about coming up with healthier versions of the things we love." She has many ways to help you transition to this and make healthier eating become a healthy habit.

If you are interested in meeting Lisa and discussing some things, please schedule a private consultation at no charge. Just give us a call 794-9155.

Office Hours For the Week of April 7-12...
We will be CLOSED Monday, April 7th. However, we will extend our hours Thursday, April 10th, and also be available Saturday morning, April 12th, for adjustments.

The hours will be as follows:

Mon. (4/7) CLOSED
Tues. (4/8) 2pm-7pm
Weds. (4/9) 8am-12pm and 2pm-6pm
Thurs. (4/10) 10am-12pm and 1pm-6pm
Fri. (4/11) 7am-12pm
Sat. (4/12) 9am-10am

Yours in Health,


Dr. David R. Mason, D.C.

Be Fit. Eat Right. Think Well. Get adjusted.



1 Corinthians 6:19-20
Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

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  • "I was experiencing a stiff neck and painful low back with limited ranges of motion. My results were much improved range of motion and low back pain was eliminated. After adjustments and a couple of massages, I played my best round of golf of the year - pain free!"
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