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The Gluten Myth Explained

The Gluten Myth...

By this point, almost everyone has heard of gluten. This protein, found in wheat, barley, and rye, takes the blame for everything -from stomach troubles, to autism and schizophrenia. Many appear to have misconceptions about gluten.

Is gluten really the problem? Sometimes it can be. If you have a sensitivity to gluten or celiac disease, absolutely - people with celiac disease should not eat gluten. If you don't have these conditions, going gluten-free may unnecessarily limit your healthy food choices.

Do I personally eat a gluten-free diet? Not 100%, but close -and gluten isn't the primary reason (read below). I do limit the amounts of heavy breads and pastas that I consume. When I do have wheat/gluten/grain, I try to make sure it is a non-GMO source. I love a hearty bowl of oatmeal in the mornings....I try to make sure my oats are gluten-free. I just don't eat a lot of processed grains in general because of what comes with those types of foods (not just the gluten).

Myth: "Gluten-free diets work well for everyone."
Not true. Actually, this whole gluten thing is getting out of control -hysterical, unreferenced disinformation about gluten abounds from your neighborhood soccer mom to your local grocery stores and maybe even your local doctor. Another market driven by mythology, joining the ranks of dairy, fish oils, carbohydrates, vaccines -buzzwords directed by systematic error.

Demonizing gluten has spawned a whole new industry, evident in entire aisles of gluten-free products in today's supermarkets everywhere. It's big. It's part of the Alternative Lite program -the militantly uninformed who read a couple things off Google and then act like they just discovered the Holy Grail of nutrition, and the cure for all disease. Which they will now condescendingly share with the rest of us.

If you don't know, gluten is simply the protein part of the wheat kernel. In itself it is not toxic or allergenic, but a necessary component of an integral whole food, which in many civilizations has been part of optimum human nutrition since the Lord made it rain manna.

The main deceit in the new anti-gluten frenzy is that if a food contains gluten-free grains, or else no grains whatsoever, it is automatically a nutritious valuable whole food. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Myth: "If it says 'Gluten-free' on the box, label or package, it is safe and healthy to eat."
It's about reading labels. Stroll down the gluten-free aisle when you are not in a hurry and just start randomly pulling items off the shelf. Read the ingredients. All of them. The majority of gluten-free products contain allergens, chemicals, and neurotoxins including HFCS, hydrogenated oils, refined sugar, soy derivatives , MSG, to name a few.

These are the same culprits that contaminate the principal American processed food diet, and define it as non-nutritive and toxic. Who are the largest contributors to the gluten free aisles? The big names we all know the global purveyors of processed and packaged "dead" nutrient deficient foods. For them, "Gluten-free" was just another niche buzzword marketing device that needed to be covered. And they have done a masterful job, not just in the US, but globally.

Myth: Genetically Modified Organisms are safe.
A possible bigger issue than "gluten" to consider is that most wheat-derived gluten is being cropped and harvested from GMO sources...GMO wheat/gluten that ends up going into the beard, crackers and hundreds of products many buy and consume off the grocery aisle shelves.

Jeffrey Smith's pioneering work on GMOs in Nutrition seminars, videos, books and online is something worth looking at. His new work cited proof how changing to a non GMO diet ended gluten sensitivity. Why might that be? Because there is no such thing as gluten sensitivity. What they were sensitive to were GMOs and the above processed ingredients, seen in virtually all gluten free foods. Cut them out, the patient improves.

Myth: "Going Gluten-free healed me."
Again, if you have an allergy/sensitivity or celiac disease, don't eat gluten. But most do not. When people say they got better after eliminating gluten from the diet, they did. But gluten wasn't why. It was eliminating all the above additives in the processed foods --foods that also contained wheat (which is typically the only connection people make)...but....99% of the time that "gluten" they eliminated was GMO wheat (along with GMO corn, GMO soy, refined sugar, hydrogenated fats/oils, preservatives, and a long list of additives and flavor enhancers commonly found in processed foods they cut out).

Whole grains, including wheat, have been important sources of B and C vitamins, as well as protein and complex CHOs, for most cultures from time immemorial. No need to change that because of some social-media-driven trendy pop myths.

The Power that made the body, heals the body -if you are consuming too much of something (i.e., gluten and all the typical additives that often come with processed foods that have gluten) that leads to taxation and/or dis-ease to your body's natural innate ability to be healthy, removing or cutting back on that chemical/environmental stressor will obviously help "heal" you...Focus on Keeping your Power ON!

Find some heirloom wheat. Less grains in your diet is typically more, in terms of health (less grains = less inflammation, in general), but they don't have to be 100% eliminated. Unfortunately, to be healthy in our broken world, it takes being informed. Educate. Choose wisely. 100% organic stamped/approved food products with grains should be safe (GMO-free) and ok to consume in moderation. In today's ever-changing, fast-paced, big money company-controlled and buzzword driven society, regretfully, health and wellness are much like survival of the fittest --but at the cost of being correctly informed.

Article Source Credit to Dr. Tim O'Shea, The Doctor Within

Yours in Health,


Dr. David R. Mason, D.C.

Be Fit. Eat Right. Think Well. Get adjusted.



1 Corinthians 6:19-20
Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

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