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Thank YOU & What's New...

Hope that you enjoyed or are enjoying your Spring Break week (if you get one).We are so thankful that the Spring Season is finally here! Spring means change, new growth and new life. There are a few new things and changes that are happening at Mason Chiropractic, so we thought we would share...

Best Chiropractor in Williamson County!

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You...Dr. Mason was humbled and honored this week to be voted "Best Chiropractor in Williamson County" recently at the 2014 Sizzle Awards. This was the first year for 'Chiropractor' to be a category. We want to thank each and everyone that voted. We are so blessed to have so many awesome patients and practice members. Thank YOU!

You and your choice to pick us for chiropractic care makes us want to continue to get better at what we do. We aren't perfect, but we will always strive to act as educators and health caretakers so we may be able to bring the health benefits of chiropractic within the understanding and availability to you and our community.

New Staff Member!

We are happy to announce the addition of Leah Servidio! Leah will be our new Chiropractic Office Assistant -assisting with many of the busy activities here at our office. Leah and her entire family have been chiropractic wellness patients for many years. Leah holds a true appreciation for health and wellness and serving others.

Leah says, "I have worked at Whole Foods for the past year which has helped changed my perspective on health and led me to live a more proactive lifestyle. I plan on becoming a nurse in the labor and delivery unit some day. I completely support the many benefits that regular chiropractic care offers."

So when you hear a new voice on the phone or see a new face on your next visit, say hey and welcome Leah to our team.

New Saturday Hours!

Our motto has always been "Saturday hours by appointment", but Dr. Mason is now going to make it a point to be open one Saturday per month from 9am-10am. The Saturday may vary. Call, email or check Facebook  to see which Saturday of the month it will be. This Saturday, 3/22/14, we will be open from 9am-10am.

We have been getting more and more requests to be open on Saturdays, so we are agreeing to give an hour per month. This will easily allow a dozen or so folks to come in and get checked, adjusted and tuned-up each month that struggle to find time to during the business week.

New Membership Perks!

We have been offering memberships for a couple of years now -memberships that allow an unlimited amount of spinal checks for subluxation and adjustments as needed for a 12 month period. It offers an easy and affordable way to restore and maintain posture, keep pain at a minimum, and function at an optimum.

Recently, the following benefits and perks of being a member include:

  • Unlimited Chiropractic Check-ups and Adjustments
  • Free access and usage of the "roller massage table"
  • 20% off all supplements
  • $10 off every self-pay massage
  • Priority seating (over walk-ins or scheduled appts. that are running late)

Here is a snap shot of the cost and payment options:

Why go to the Chiropractor? Even if I don't feel pain??! It's not about pain...

 Maybe it sounds like a scam to you, but if you knew how important a healthy nervous system and maintenance of your body's functions and homeostasis were, you and your entire family would be under the care of a chiropractor.

This is not debatable:

1. The body is a self-regulating, self-maintaining organism.

2. The nervous system is the master system of the amazing body created by God. Every aspect of the human experience is processed through the nervous system.

3. The spine and vertebrae protect and house the nervous system.

4. Vertebral subluxations can occur and interfere with the function of the nervous system.

5. Subluxations can be present without back or neck  pain.

6. Reducing/correcting subluxations allows the nervous system to function better and allows the fullest expression of life.

7. What I do as a Chiropractor is locate and correct subluxations.

Now you know why you and your entire family need to be under the care of a Chiropractor. Any questions?

Thanks & Love,


Dr. David R. Mason, D.C.

Be Fit. Eat Right. Think Well. Get adjusted.



1 Corinthians 6:19-20
Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

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  • "I was experiencing a stiff neck and painful low back with limited ranges of motion. My results were much improved range of motion and low back pain was eliminated. After adjustments and a couple of massages, I played my best round of golf of the year - pain free!"
    Chris R. / Franklin, TN

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